Under the able leadership of Otunba F.G. Ibrahim


Yagba East Local Government Area Council, was created On 27 August 1991 as Yagba Local Government Area. Oyi Local Government Area comprised of the five (5) Local Government Areas which formed the solid stone of Kogi West. Yagba East historically was formerly known as Yagba Native Authority in the Colonial era situated in the defunct Kabba Province. Before the creation of Yagba East, there was Yagba Local Government Area with the headquarters in Isanlu this was further divided in 1991 by the Military Administration of Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida into three namely; Yagba East, Mopamuro, and Yagba West respectively.

Yagba East Local Government Area Council is situated along Latitude 8010’N 5042’E/ 8.1670N 57000E on a land area of 1,396km2 (539 sq.mi), and population of 140,150 as at the 2006 census. The people are predominantly Yoruba while the dialect is Yagba. Occupation of the people ranges from Farming to Trading while a good proportion of the populace are however educated, industrious and noted for self discipline. The high level of literacy among the populace, account for the employment of a large number of the people in the Federal, State and other public services including private sector.

Codes from International Organization for Standardization for Yagba East are 3-digit Postal Code prefix 262, ISO: 3166 Code NG. KO. YE, its headquarters at Isanlu on the A 123 highway at 8 17′ N5 50′E/ 8.283 N5.833E.


The Local Government Area is made up of two districts namely, South East and North East with Ife –Olukotun and Isanlu as it’s headquarters respectively.



The level of literacy among the people of Yagba East is very high. Yagba East Local Government Education Authority runs the 85 Primary Schools; the two Local government owned secondary schools and  her twenty eight 28 Public Secondary Schools are managed by the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission.

Private Nursery / Primary and Secondary Schools abounds in the Local Government.

We have Vocational Centres for skill acquisition that energize youths and women empowerment.


The agricultural products of the Local Government Area Council are: Yam, Cassava, Palm Produce, Beans, Cocoa, Aku Beans, Timber, Palm fruit, coconut and Coffee. This Local Government is the highest producer of Cocoa in Kogi State as a whole and second to Mambilla in Plateau State.

rokoCashew Tree is the major cash crop in Yagba East, cashew tree is a tropical evergreen that produces the cashew nut and the cashew apple. Officially classed as Anacardium occidentale, it can grow as high as 14 metres, but the dwarf cashew, growing up to 6 metres, has proved more profitable, with earlier maturity and higher yields.

The cashew nut is served as a snack or used in recipes, like other nuts, although it is actually a seed. The cashew apple is a fruit, whose pulp can be processed into a sweet, astringent fruit drink or distilled into liqueur.

The shell of the cashew nut yields derivatives that can be used in many applications from lubricants to paints, and other parts of the tree have traditionally been used for snake-bites and other folk remedies.


Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also called manioc, yuca, balinghoy, mogo, mandioca, kamoteng kahoy, tapioca-root (predominantly in India) and manioc root, a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family native to South America, is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. It differs from the similarly spelled yucca, an unrelated fruit-bearing shrub in the Asparagaceae family. Cassava, when dried to a powdery (or pearly) extract, is called tapioca; its fermented, flaky version is named garri, Starch, Fufu, Cassava powder which is used for ‘Amala’

Going by the Federal Government Transformation Agenda on Food Security and to improve the exportation index of the nation. Cassava as major raw materials for many products such as Fufu, Garri, Animal feeds, Ethanol, Cassava Chips e.t.c. The siting of Cassava Processing Factory at Imela South East Yagba of Kogi State will boost the gross domestic product and increase the earnings of the people and thus enhanced the standard of living.

The Cassava Processing factory in Yagba East LocalGovernment Area Council has cusion the plight of unemployed youths and women ably managed by YAD4Kogi under His Execellency Capt.Idris Ichalla Wada.

As a very necessary product for further production with high demand, it is necessary to inform and encourage the peasant and commercial farmers to go on large scale production of Cassava; because the era of planting Cassava without buyers in Yagba East and its environs is a thing of the past.

There was a concerted efforts by the Federal Government in distributing high breed Cassava stems to all farmers in the nation Yagba East is not left out. This gesture was further stepped down to the grassroots through the establishment of Yagba East Cassava Multiplication Farm at Imela along the road under the able leadership of Otunba F.G. Ibrahim, this gesture will assist the government and the interested farmers to have Cassava stems for planting.


A large proportion of the area is covered by electricity supplied from the National grid . There are well functioning GSM network services in the Local Government some of which are MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel.

There is also a Federal Highway Road (A123) running through the Local Government, there is also 215 road from Omuo-Ekiti in Ekiti State running through Igbagun, Ife-Olukotun, Ponyan, Jege, Ogbom, to Patigi in Kwara State. There are states and Local Government roads such as Ijowa –Ejuku- Jege – Ilai- Ife –Olukotun, Igbagun –Iyamoye and Ife-Olukotun, Ohun, Ekirin Adde Road, Alu-Igbo-Ero- Odo Amu Road. Makutu – Ilafin Odogbe to Agboro in Kwara State and Itedo-Makutu- Ilotin- Iye to Okoro in Kwara State. There is also a road leading from Bagido Isanlu to Iruda -Ile to Edu Local Government in Kwara.


The area has not been fully developed in terms of industrialization but we have NASSMAN Company a mining industry along Ilafin Odogbe rout, Gari Processing Mill in Imela, Notable Hotels, Paint Industries, Sawmills and Block Industries.


There is abundant land for housing which is a good venture for  Land and Housing  Developers.


Yagba East Local Government is known for its cultural and Tourist endowment, notable but to mention few are: Oroke Oyo in Ijowa Isanlu, Olokesi in Iruda ile –Isanlu, Omi-Igbo Spring water, Odomo in Omowa Mopo, Oomo Eye, Agbasu Yeleo hills in Ejuku, Oke- Arira in Ife-Olukotun, Ayekolobo shrine in Igbagun.


The Local Government has a mini stadium where handball is played and has hosted the Handball Federation of Nigeria twice. The Local Government team has also made the Local Government proud by going to represent the Local Government in different sporting exercise.


Yagba East LGA

You are warmly welcome to Yagba East Local Government Area Council one of the oldest Native Authority. Yagba Native Authority was created since 1934 with the headquarters in Isanlu. The Native Authority was in charge of the present Yagba East, Mopamuro and Yagba West.